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Chin & Jaw


Chin & Jaw Fillers 

Add Volume and Definition

Chin Fillers are the ideal treatment if you don't like the appearance of your chin. Chin fillers can be used to help improve shape and projection, lengthen or help chin move forwards/ downwards and provide the perfect ratio and proportions with the rest of your face. 

Similarly some may not like the poor definition of their jaw which as we age also starts to become less defined and the appearance of jowls can be sign of ageing with a sagging look. Jaw fillers can be used to give a more defined jawline, supporting the sagging skin giving the appearance of a more distinct and desirable contoured jawline. 

We use only the industry best and leading filler products ranging from Juvederm, Restylane and Teosyal to help replace the volume lost in the chin and jaw to provide a more lifted, defined and contoured appearance. 

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  • Initially we apply a strong numbing cream or give you local anaesthetic as we want to ensure you are comfortable throughout

  • We also use a medical device known as viStylus which eliminates pain!

  • We only use highly research and safe fillers which contain local anaesthetic which ensure your safety and comfort

  • As a medical professional Dr Aak is skilled at creating the perfect definition by combing her artistic skill and medical knowledge 

  • Dr Aak will then massage the area to ensure you aren't left with unnecessary bumps and lumps  and leave with defined  chin and jaw

  • The treatment procedure takes approximately 30 minutes


  • Results are immediate and last from 12-24 months

  • With accurate placement and ideal maintenance the results can last longer

  • In some cases it may not last till the optimum period due to personal habits (smoking, exercise, sun bed use and sun exposure, fast metabolism)

  • Free Review appointment 2 weeks after treatment

Please note individual results will vary & is only available for over 18 year olds









24-48 HOURS


12-24 MONTHS


East Grinstead, West Sussex

Hampton- Sunbury, London  /  Tel. 07966222806

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