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Welcome to Anew Clinics

We promise to always give you ethical and honest advice that’s completely unique to you!

From lip enchancement and facial dermal fillers through to botox, skincare and chemical peels, our range of skin clinic treatments mean there's something for everyone and Dr Aak will guide and support you through the process, step by step.

Skin Clinic in East Grinstead

Achieve Your Goals

Dr Aak can help you achieve natural looking results to address your concerns

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Forehead Lines

Soften & Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Frown Lines

Soften & reduce worry lines and wrinkles


Lift droopy nose, reduce bunny lines

Gummy Smile

Improve apperance


Make Slimmer & Defined


Soften & Reduce fine lines around the lips


Improve volume & definition, Reduce Sagging

Crows Feet

Soften & Reduce fine lines and wrinkles


Lift & Reduce heaviness


Tranform your skin, reverse signs of ageing, correct acne & pigmentation


Change shape/ volume/definition


Improve shape & lenghten, reduce lines & folds


Improve appearance, give it a lift & boost


Reduce appearance of lines from nose to mouth

Dermal Fillers & Skin Hydration 

For volume, definition and hydration Dr Aak combines multiple advanced treatments to help restore youthful fullness. 

Wrinkle Reduction Technique

Combat signs of ageing with advanced aesthetics treatments to achieve a natural firmer result. 

Skin Care and Skin Peels

Using advanced and expert treatments for your skin to renew skin health and reveal fresher & more youthful skin.

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Skin Care

Improve your skin health and address fine lines & wrinkles, pigmentation, sun spots, sun damage, inflammed skin, dehydrated skin, scarring, rosacea, acne, skin texture & tone. 

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